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A wholly owned subsidiary of Worthen Industries, with production facilities across Asia, Europe, and the USA, Endurans™ Solar applies its long-standing track record in polymer science, co-extrusion and solar technology know-how to develop and commercialize innovative material solutions for solar panel manufacturers. 

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Welcome to the Endurans 

The Endurans backsheets are based on proven high performance polyolefin (HPO) material and process technology that maximizes the module performance while minimizing environmental impact. 

Thanks to a unique single-step co-extrusion process Endurans Solar has created a multi-layer film with a mono-layer coherency - thus minimizing the risk of delamination. And by formulating the full material stack, it is possible to retain full control of product quality.


It’s about time for PET replacement in backsheets

Endurans Solar uses a super moisture-resistant polymer called polyolefin (PO) for the core backsheet layer that is so strong it doesn’t even need an external protective layer. It’s far superior to the traditional PET filler, which is moisture-sensitive, ages quickly in sunlight and requires heavy, expensive stabilization and protective layers.

The future-proof backsheet

The  Endurans  backsheets were the first to pass the integrated stress sequence accelerated aging test carried out by TÜV-SÜD. This incredibly tough material evaluation simulates natural conditions through a combination of damp heat aging, ultraviolet aging, high-and-low temperature cycle aging, and other sequences.

Sustainable backsheets, circular by design

Endurans Solar backsheets are fully recyclable and fluorine-free, thus lowering the carbon footprint; reducing your module’s end-of-life cost; and enabling you to support the industry in its circular ambition.

Why recycle? By 2050 it’s estimated that there will be enough modules installed on earth to build a staircase to the moon and back. If we want to avoid burying many millions of modules in landfill, the solution is simple. Design recyclable modules and start using Endurans backsheets.

The analyst’s view

The numbers don’t lie, and neither do the analysts.

Enertis (Technical Advisor): “Co-extruded polyolefin core backsheets have a lower probability of field failure than PET core backsheets. Consequently, a PV project using such backsheets will exhibit a longer useful life.” 

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