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Electrically conductive adhesives from Polytec PT - Soltabond are a highly reliable connection method proven in such critical applications as satellites and pacemakers. Our conductive adhesives are engineered from well-proven epoxy technologies filled with silver particles, ensuring a very stable mechanical bond with excellent electrical conductivity. 

They can be applied at considerably lower temperatures than soldering. This makes them especially suitable for bonding flat wire connectors to thin film PV substrates (semiconductor, metal or TCO layer on glass, metal or plastic sheet), and as an interconnection method for new generations of thin and fragile crystalline Si cells using more sensitive semiconductor layers.


Soltabond glue

Our engineering group has many years of experience in the design and application of electrically conductive adhesives. We specially adapt our adhesives to each customer’s application to achieve low resistivity and stable bonds between the metal bus bar ribbon and the cell surface. For each adhesive solution, we provide support to select the best suited ribbon surface. We supply our adhesives either as one or two component versions in machine-ready cartridges or drums of different sizes. 

Adhesive technology versus soldering
- Low process temperature below 150 °C
- Low stress caused by CTE mismatch
- Low stress because initial plastic flow of adhesive
- Larger cell size possible
- Thinner cells possible
- No pressing force during curing
- No bus bar needed – just adhesive on finger
- Reliable 24/7 processability
- For back contact cells
- For heterojunction cells
- For easily use of Light-Capturing Ribbon
- Lead free​

Before releasing any of our adhesives, we test them on substrates supplied by our customer. In our state-of-the-art laboratory we can do damp heat, thermal shock, UV and other tests following the IEC and UL module testing guidelines. We usually greatly exceed these test conditions during our internal tests, as we understand the importance of long-term reliability in PV modules and the harsh conditions to which they are subjected.



Beside Electrical Conductive Adhesives we offer also a wide range of Thermal Conductive Glues used in the production of Solar Thermal Collectors or Hybrid Solar Modules. 

Adhesive technology versus welding, brazing or soldering
- A wide range of different materials like e.g. different metals, exotic alloys, ceramics, plastics may be easily joined together by adhesives.
- Due to the low curing temperature of adhesives, there is no deformation or discoloration
of components caused by local overheating.
- Adhesives are much more flexible compared to welds or soldered joints. This significantly
reduces stress in glued structures and hence in general extends the lifetime of parts e.g.
under thermal shock.

We are confident of finding an optimized solution also for your application and focus strongly on close collaboration.

Ulbrich Multitabbing Multiwire
Ulbrich Multitabbing Multiwire
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