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Era Grup Aluminum provides high quality Alumiun Frames for the production of photovoltaic modules.

The company founders, with decennial experience in the production of Al profiles, seeing a growing demand for high quality  product from the Solar Industry,  decided in 2021 to open their own factory 100% focused in the production of Al frames for Photovoltaic Module. Their new factory in Bursa, 150Km  south of Istanbul, has state of the art of production equipment and quality control devices. 

Although, the Aluminium frame is usually considered not as a key component of a photovoltaic module, it can often be the difference between a defective solar module and one that is in perfect condition: it gives protection and mechanical strength to the Glass-Backsheet or Glass-Glass laminate and it provides mounting attaching points for the installation. Over the entire life of the PV module (25-30 years) the Aluminium frames has to resist to harsh conditions, mechanical loads (wind and snow), very low and high temperature, UV exposure and corrosion. 


Since its establishment, ERA has utilized its experience and expertise worked to go above and beyond customer expectations. Allowing us the opportunity to support domestic and international projects with high-quality, innovative products and solution-oriented processes.

Beside standard frames we have in our catalogue, we can offer customized frames profiles, with special Silver or Black Anodization and Powder Coating with any RAL colour.

The quality controls cover the entire process: the inspection of the raw materials (Aluminium billets), dimensions and mechanical properties of the extruded profiles, the thickness of the anodization/coating, and final dimensions of the cut profiles.  

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