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Eckpack is an intelligent and environmentally friendly returnable and reusable packaging solution for finished PV modules. Our plastic corners directly replace the cardboard cartons or wooden boxes still used by many module manufacturers and are a very simple and efficient solution: the corners fit exactly into the aluminum module frame. For horizontal shipment this takes the complete load off the lower modules and prevents any shifting or other transport damages. The lower modules do not have to support the modules on top. Each module is secured and suspended by the interlocking corner columns.

Eckpack Laminate_3

For vertical shipment the patented trio interlocking corners allow higher packing density than comparable cardboard systems. The trio also allows horizontal stacking for internal handling or shipping.
The packaging density of the modules can be greatly increased. Up to 40 modules on one pallets easily achieved for horizontal shipment. Vertical stacking has been proven to reduce cell micro-cracks from shipping. Operational and environmental benefits are a reduction of warehouse space, storage costs, shipping costs, CO2 emissions during transport and weather damaged cardboard and wooden box shipping systems requiring costly site clean-up and disposal.

The packaging time at your factory is greatly reduced, and can easily be automated using a robot, thus further reducing packaging time and cost. Likewise, unpacking the modules at the installation site becomes a lot faster and easier.
The plastic corners are reusable. As a service to you, Eckpack collects them directly at the installation site, and re-uses them after inspection. This results in tremendous waste reduction compared to weather-damaged cardboard and wooden shipping systems requiring costly site clean-up and disposal.

While demonstrating your environmental responsibility shipping costs are reduced. Project managers and installers prefer modules delivered with Eckpack corners.

Eckpack uses fully recyclable high strength and environmentally stable PPT plastic. 
Talk to our specialists about your module packaging and transportation requirements to gain all the advantages this superior handling system.

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