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Tonsan, part of HB Fuller, is the leader producer of Silicon and Potting for PV modules; almost 50% of the modules produced in the world have been produced with Tonsan products. 

We offer a full line of superior sealing, bonding and potting solutions for crystalline silicone and thin film PV modules

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Our solar panel frame sealing solutions connect the frame and the J-Box, with permanent anti-environmental aging properties. These sealants furthermore maintain long-term reliable pv system sealing and bonding, and prevent PV modules from being affected by the external environment.

All of our solar panel frame sealing products and solutions utilize the best in dispensing equipment and tools, and furthermore are durable, reliable, and efficient.

Junction Box Silicone Potting Compound
This solution for junction box potting improves the insulation grade of the J-box and the head dissipation while avoiding the risk of diode failure as a result of overheating, and ultimately reduces the overall cost. We offer Bi-Components compounds for pv junction box potting, which greatly decrease the working temperature of the bypass diodes so as to increase the safety and reliability of the J-box.


Product characteristics of the silicone potting compound include the following:

- Excellent fluidity and easy gap-filling
- Excellent dielectric properties and flame retardancy
- Good thermal conductivity
- Excellent resistance to harsh weather
- Suitable for the automated mixing and dispensing
- Excellent compatibility with EVA, ribbon and J-box materials

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